Wednesday, June 30, 2010

intr0ducti0n of a taLe~

here i c0me..with my own made bl0g
afta half and h0ur of deeply thinking b0ut
wut i'm g0ing 2 write in da intr0duct0ry part,
then i c0me 2 syn0psis dat i sh0uld clearly
intr0ducing my self 2 oLs..

ssswh0 is she??????

*waN nUr Syuhada Bt wAn n0rzie

*0wH..ini switheart sy..
i heart ue l0tss la syg!!!
ehem..c0uldn't c0ntr0l myself if i'm wit him..(+_+')

*and ini..keluarga En. Wan N0rzie + meM besa,Pn Dayang Saniah!!
(knp perlu kaler2 nme2 bala tentera di atas nie??)
(dulu2,sms kecik2 kami like p0wer rangerS..s0,ini mewakili kaler2
p0wer rangers yg kami shukee!!)

ikan di laut..asam di darat..
dalam periuk..bikin muafakat..
s0,kisah percintaan mama n papa was started when they're in maktab,MPKB..
my m0m was fr0m sarawak but then she ch0ose 2 travel
s0 far away 2 maktab perguruan keLantan..
and they are n0t officially declared untill da last day
in their maktab..
dulu mne ade hs2 kn??s0,same g0es 2 mama n papa..
and da last day bef0re my m0m left da maktab,
she flies a small n0te 2 my papa n
ia berbunyi begini..

dear dee(papa)..
maybe kte xkn jumpa lg afta dis..
but kalau kite ad j0doh,xkemana punye..
s0,ini alamat sy..

n0.15..kampung hilir,
95000 bandar sri aman,

if ue d0 want me..
sila masuk meminang..
(it's n0t like dat atc..but u n0e.old pe0ple..their w0rds are 2 fl0wery up 2 da sky..then,i did s0me changes s0 dat i will n0t s0 ann0ying..lalalala!!)

finally..afta 2m0nths n a half..
en wan n0zie c0mes al0ne..AL0NE 2 sarawak n
they get married in a very simple way..
n dat's y they are n0t having a wedding p0rtrait!
i mean,they're only have 2 pictures which
one is in the wedding office n in fr0nt of the office..
owH,poor mama..
then i n0e,atc my grandma had ch0sen her own daughter in law..
ala..u n0e..arrange marriage..

and like a cinderella st0ry..they're happily live t0gether eva n eva..

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