Thursday, July 22, 2010

the sad ending of t0pixlovesYadie~

ini sgt sdey..
h0w he can just said dat he's rily hepi after i'm askin' for da clash..
yup,b'c0z no need 2 hear ol of my blaberring,xperlu penim2 b0ut me..
it just damnly easy 4 him but 4 me??
it is damnly hurting..
i feel like there's n0 m0re tears left..
wut can i d0 is,giving pe0ple a rily fake smile..
n said dat i'm oke..
there's n0 m0re chance f0r him i think..
maybe we can be friend but n0t 4 n0w..
n i rily can't be with him anym0re..
there's l0ts of pain in dis heart..
wut can i d0?
i'm just a rily simple n stereotype gurl..
i just him 2 n0e dat i'm glad being wit him 4 dis 3years..
wen i speak harsh w0rds,it d0esn't mean dat i hate ue..
c0z i'm also being hurted wen i d0 so..
d0uble pain of mine..
but biarlah rahsie i guess..
but i'm als0 glad it is over n0w..
xperlu lah nk jeles2,sket2 hati wit n0 reas0n afta dis..
n i'm fully sure dat he'll find a rily match girl f0r him..
his dream girl!n surely it is n0t me..
hrp-hrp there will a rily nice b0i 4 me afta dis..
dat will accept me whatever it takes..
yes,i'm a very jel0usy type,always being suspici0us,
l0ved 2 speak harsh n bla..bla..bla
but trust me,wen i say.."i l0ve ue"..
i rily mean it..
i am sick org ckp,
k.syad nie everytime gaduh mesti smpai demam..
apa b0ley buat..
my immunisation get weaken n0w..
i dun n0e y..
demam terus-terusan..
tengs 2 mama c0z being caring..
i think of going back h0me next wik..
i miss my little anggun..
~tq readers~
esk mau hang out with dina n fiqa..

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