Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dewa 19-Hadapi Dengan Senyuman

enj0y dis s0ng pliss..
c0z 4 n0w,i'm lying on this s0ng to stay on living..
yes,s0meone had t0ld me bef0re dat wen he sing dis s0ng..
he feel awake n alive..
it's means,dis s0ng is t0tally beneficial wen u r in sad..
u sh0uld try dis..
hadapi dgn senyuman..semua yg terjadi tetap terjadi..
every w0unds have their own medicines..or
s0metimes,it will heals by times.
n0 w0rries b'c0z g0d n0es wut is the best 4 ue pe0ple~

s0,put away u'r tears n create a big big smile..
t0 sh0w dat even if w0rlds cracking,
but u r still grateful with u'r life~

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