Wednesday, August 4, 2010


i dun l0ve ue~lie..

i dun care ab0ut ue~lie..

i dun care wh0 r dating wit ue~crap..

i dun wanna see ue anym0re~bullshit..

can live with0ut ue~n0nsense..

when i see u'r msg,i delete it off urgently~lie
(i keep it all of them in my drafts n i read it b0ut 8 to 9times per day)

everytime wen i see my hs n there's n0 m.c0l or msg fr0m ue,
i'm feel rily g0od b0ut ue~shitless thing eva!~crap
(h0w can u just live in a dei without a minute of thinkin' of me??)

finally,yes!i want that break,i want the clash!!
('s da only one dat true..i want the break 4 da sake of u n me.fullst0p)

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