Friday, October 1, 2010


hewlu ladies n gentlemen~
it's been a l0ng time i'm n0t updating my lubly diary..
n0e y??
seryeshly i've been thr0ugh th0usands of pr0blems
n if i'm n0t wan nur syuhada, i'll be shooting myself
or having a cup of p0ison to commit suicide..
but,i'm pr0udly saying dat i'm da m0st t0ughest
girl alive!u can see my fake smile n i'm willing 2
make others smile even if i'm dying inside..
ceceh!!!(syuhada n0p pr0mote diri k0w gapo nim??)

back to da track..
act,i'm in an exagerrate m0od!
i'm planning 2 have a part time j0b since
it will be a l0ng l0ng l0ng h0liday starting
dis 10th..
(bal0h nge gewe la 2 syuhada h0p sapa xse kelik klatae)
ouu tidak, but it's n0t totally tidak..
(bas0w an0p keling!)
i mean~humm, i wanna make a m0ve..
i want 2 struggle 4 my own sake~
t wanna struggle fer 'them'..
okeh2, s0, luckily..
i g0t an offer fr0m a fren of mine
to w0rk at casa rachad0 res0rt at p.d..
yaw,it will be fun i think!!
oukeh then,
wish me luck fer da j0b n my final..
bullshit b0red since our astr0 had been cut!
n the sedania team's function last night
was damn amazing!
KL LIVE rawk~
i'm off fer n0w..
i'm rushing 2 bangsar~
mwah d0lls,